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Regal Care Tips

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Proper water

Regals get fluids from the insects they eat.

Water can be given by placing a droplet of water the size of their head on a piece of plastic. WARNING: i1- i3  can drown in a droplet of water. 

Jumping spiders make great pets, but like any animal, require proper care and attention



Up is up and down is down.

Even though Regals can cling to walls doesn't mean they can't feel gravity. Some Regals get to a big size and a fall from a few inches can cause injuries to their body or worse to their spine. Be gentle with your regal.


The Jumps

Symptoms and Helps

Excessive jumping. Common cure is a droplet of water and some handling. We found that handling them while going through this symptom cures them fully. Can last a few hours and could be fatal to your Regal.


What's that smell? 

Oh, it's you!

Regal's ability to smell comes from "silt sensilla" or minute sensory organs around their exoskeleton. They smell through the hairs on their legs. Why is your Regal doing the swan dive off you? Because it doesn't like the smell on your hand or the area it is standing in. Wash your hands and even arms.


Home sweet home

Being clean is what a Regal is all about. 

Regals create their own home with their silk. Always make sure you have more than one wall free for them to attach their cozy home.  If you see your Regal shaking their home, they could be cleaning. Another reason for them to shake their webbing is to try and scare off things that they feel are a threat.


Feeding your Friend

Huge insects compared to smaller.

Giving an insect double the size of your Regal is really exciting to see. Feeding them big meals, will cause them to molt more quickly. To get the most life out of your Regal, we recommend feeding them same size or smaller insects.
Give them breaks in between meals. Every other day is perfect.


Last meal?

Bringing home Poisonous food.

We have all done it or thought about it. Bring home a juicy moth or caterpillar for your pet Regal. Always be cautious of where you collect insects. Stay away from areas that use pesticides and other chemicals on their property. This is extremely fatal to your Regal.


20/20/20/20 vision!

Regals eye sight

Regals will look around and watch you move about the room. Their excellent eyesight aides them in hunting, locating mates and watching for predators.

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