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Wingless Fruit fly Culture Mix Kit

Wingless Fruit fly Culture Mix Kit

It does not include live flies

Our  wingless fruit fly culture works for both Melanogaster and Hydei. It is homemade with the best ingredients to produce top quality flies for your Regals . Our fruit fly culture contains brewer's yeast, vitamins B, also ingredients anti-bacterial to avoid the bad smell. We use a mold inhibitor  to prevent mold. The ingredients we use will give an increase in longevity of the cultures and produces higher yields.

We recommend adding vinegar in the boiling water. Vinegar is always great for your cultures but vinegar is optional since the culture contains mold inhibitor.

 The culture contains a mold inhibitor, Shake it before using.

Preparation Instructions:

Add 1/2 cup of culture to 32oz cup

Add 3/4 cup of boiling water w/ vinegar (optional)

Stir until mixture is consistent texture

Add Excelsior. Cover the cup and wait for it cool.

Add Flies 50-80

Creates 2 cups of culture.

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